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Designed by two tournament backgammon players, who had a chance to sample almost any kind of board and playing surface over the years, FM Gammon boards simply offer the best backgammon experience there is.

Each FM Gammon board is completely hand crafted by skilled craftsmen for the discerning enthusiast. The frame is hand-built from hardwood for elegance, strength and graceful ageing. A special sealer is used to keep the natural beauty and feeling of the wood.

The playing surface is a special synthetic material chosen for its durability, stain resistance and unmatched playing characteristics. It provides action dice rolls as well as a silky, gliding feeling for the movement of checkers.

The point colors are printed using an industrial technique to prevent fading out.

The exterior is covered with genuine leather. It is the blend of natural wood and leather that gives these boards their premium quality and classic beauty. Due to the different and natural grain patterns of wood and leather, every board will always be unique.

Each board comes with hand crafted wooden dice cups, four 9/16th precision dice, one doubling cube and a set of pearlized checkers of preferred colors.

A small brass plate engraved with initials, name or other information to personalize the board can be added upon request.

Contact & Ordering Info

Please, send an e-mail to:
call: +90 (533) 712 2151 or +90 (532)427 94 54 for ordering information

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    Pleas send mi the Preislist for Backgammonmaterial .Thank you herbert Bornand Tournament Manager

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    Gueneiden. Luetfen pleas send mi e Preis and Materialliste of your Backgammon Material. Regards Herbert Bornand Tournament Manager

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